Spicy Secret Series #2: Turmeric |  by: July Westhale

Turmeric is the spice that keeps it flowin’…and what, exactly, does it keep flowing?  Do, read on 😉

This bright orange spice is a member of the ginger family, and has been used for over 4,000 years to increase health and treat ailments.  In Southeastern parts of Asia, it’s used to treat everything from gas to neurological degeneration.

Recently, turmeric has become popularized in the United States for its curative powers, which have been shown to counteract the damaging effects of the American diet. Used as a digestive aid for breaking down beans, proteins, fats, and grains, this miracle spice has been introduced into Western pharmacies to help maintain intestinal flora (which sugars, grains, bad fats, and antibiotics often destroy), as well as improving the elimination of toxins and purifying blood.

In studies conducted by the American Institute for Vedic Studies in Santa Fe, New Mexico, citizens of countries where turmeric is widely consumed (namely, China, India, and Indonesia) show significantly less risk of cancer, Alzheimers, and inflammatory illness such as arthritis.

they just use a couple tons each day in India :O
they just use a couple tons each day in India :O

What makes turmeric such a powerhouse of health benefits?  The root and rootstock, or rhizome, of the plant contain curcumin, a plant-based nutrient that contains some of the highest levels of antioxidants seen in herbs. It’s a notorious anti-inflammatory, and promotes proper pH levels in the body, making it difficult for cancer and other degenerative illnesses to take root and grow.

The benefits are not purely physical, however. The spice has also been used as a stress-buster, reliving the body of the taxation of free radicals. With this powerful boost in energy and decrease in stress, turmeric has been known to show improvements in mental health and overall happiness in those who consume it on a daily and long-term basis.  In Chinese medicine, turmeric is used as an antidepressant, due to the euphoria-upping properties of the plant.  If you’re not already on your way to the nearest grocery store, read on.

the sensual spice in it's gorgeous raw form
the sensual spice in it’s gorgeous raw form

Oh yes, there’s even more!  Studies have shown that women who consume a minimum of 100mg of turmeric per day tend to be in better physical shape.  This is due to the spice’s metabolism-boosting properties.  They also have have higher self-esteem, and, you guessed it! They have higher libidos. The warming effect of the spice, coupled with the increased blood circulation to all parts of the body, and higher self-esteem, turmeric is without a doubt-a miracle spice.

just one of Lana's favorite Sensual Kitchen items!
just one of Lana’s favorite Sensual Kitchen items!

Who isn’t looking to be happier, more fit, less prone to illness, and endowed with more mental acuity? If you’re ready to start adding a little of this to your cooking, medical experts suggest spicing food liberally with turmeric. Make sure you purchase an organic, sustainable source.

How are you going to get the turmeric in?  I have one delicious option for you.  Check out the recipe below, after you leave a comment to let us know exactly how you’re going to add some of this spice to your diet today!  Do you already use it?  Tell us how!  If not, get your booty over to the grocery store this week!  This spice is a game changer.  An absolute must.  Don’t forget to share this spicy secret with your lover and friends.  Don’t let them miss out!

Lana’s favorite turmeric recipe:

Sunshine TEA!

turmeric milk

Mix up your coconut or almond milk

option 1: Make your own coconut milk

1. open a fresh young coconut, scrape out meat, and put it into food processor and pour 2 cups of hot filtered water over the coconut meat.

2. Pulse for 30 seconds until well combined.

3. Drain through cheesecloth or a fine strainer and press the coconut milk out of meat separating the milk into another bowl.

option 2: Purchase a high quality powdered milk

a. 1/2 cup coconut milk
b. 1 cup water (or 1.5 c of almond milk)
c. 1/2 – 1 tsp turmeric
d. optional: 1 tsp ghee 

       optional: purchase fresh, raw ginger and juice it!  Add one ounce of fresh turmeric juice instead of powder

Blend and heat on stove or serve chilled!