Even though I totally love magazines, I currently do not receive any subscriptions.  What’s perfect is the opportunity I have to read my favorite magazines every time I travel.  They are conveniently tucked right in the seat back pocket in front of me. I truly love inflight magazines.  They usually have unique articles about global cuisine, and exotic destinations-two things I can’t get enough of.

a perfectly delicious meal in exotic Bali
a perfectly delicious meal in exotic Bali

On our way to Bali this past summer, the words, “sex” and “drugs” caught my attention on the bottom right corner of United’s Hemispheres magazine.  I don’t see these two words often while browsing these publications, so I had to read on (wouldn’t you)?

After I read the very short two paragraph blurb, I nudged my husband Joe and gave him an enthusiastic look while I pointed to the article.

“[…]Good eating is mostly about sex and drugs.” It stated that people describe eating food in terms of drugs or sex. I personally do it all of the time, so what’s the news, right?

sensual food

The news is that scientists found that cheap restaurants with low quality food were reviewed on yelp with an excessive number of words related to drug use.  A few examples are: “jonesing,” or “binge” and even the more blatant, “drug of choice.”

Conversely, food that was more expensive, and higher quality was described with much more sexual words and phrases.  Come on, you know what they sexy foodare!  A few used were, “pornographic” and “lust” and my favorite, “sensual.”

How perfect.  Scientists have proved the theory my life revolves around, and I just happened to find the perfect article to explain it!

If you’re still wondering what a sensual foodist is all about–or you’ve just discovered this site, it’s just that.  Food is sensual.  Good food is sensual.  High quality, delicious food is sensual.  It’s engages all of the senses to the highest degree! How many times have you heard that you are what you eat (no need to explain, read the research, it’s fascinating).

Cheap, low quality food is a drug.  Research shows that white, refined sugar is EIGHT times more addictive than cocaine.  It’s been said that it’s more difficult to come off sugar than cocaine or heroine. Here’s a little history on me:  throughout high school, I used and abused.  I abused my body with almost every drug you can name.  I felt like crap 90% of the time.  Before I started my training at a natural foods cooperative, I stopped using drugs, but still ate low quality, junk food often.  I can say without a shadow of a doubt, the crap food and the drugs left me feeling the same.

an overweight, unhealthy version of me (far right)
an overweight, unhealthy version of me (far right)

If you haven’t already tested this theory yourself (and I wouldn’t advise doing so), take my word for it.  Your body is not a garbage can, no sense in filling it with garbage.  This tends to turn into a smelly mess, really quick.

Put the right things in your body and and you’ve got the exact opposite: clarity, stamina, energy, and yes-a powerful sex drive. No crash, no addiction, no mental fog.

Get high on pleasure and sensuality, and amplify it by practicing with your lover.  Maintain that natural high with delicious, local, fresh, natural fare.  Eat well to feel well, super simple.

my lover keepin' it sensual ;)
my lover keepin’ it sensual 😉

Thanks for reading.  I appreciate your attention, and would be so grateful if you shared your thoughts that came up while reading, in the comments section below.  What do you think about the food you ate for your last meal?  Was it completely sensual, or did it give you a rush…and a crash?  How would you describe it?  Write it out, right below!  I’m dying to hear about it.  What do you think about this research?  If you found it intriguing, please do share it with a friend 😉