“I think I’m getting old, learning makes my brain hurt.”

I seriously cracked up when my friend said this a few nights ago at her house warming party. I’ve found myself saying this same thing one too many times. She’s working with a doctor, in a new career, and she’s feeling the sensation of drinking from a water hose.  I’ve been there.  Have you ever experienced this feeling? It’s all coming in a bit too fast.

After two decades of dance, 13+ yrs of Yoga, and half of that time pole dancing, I decided that I wanted to dive into a new physical practice.  I wanted to learn aerial silks. Aerial totally gives me that adrenaline rush.  I admit that I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie.  I love that rush of excitement I get from learning a a new way to use my body.  In aerial, when I’m suspended in the air, I feel really blissful.  Though, what comes before the bliss is that “I think I’m getting old, learning makes my brain hurt.”

The first three aerial classes I attended, I was nearly in tears.  My arms were throbbing by the end of the class.  I’d reach up for the fabric and lose my grip within 10 seconds.  Not to mention, I’d start wrapping my foot in the wrong direction, or doing the complete opposite of what I’d learned only moments before.  Learning a new skill is not always a blissful experience in the beginning.  Every so often, I find myself wanting to sprawl out on the floor and have a tantrum like a two year old.

failed attempt #1
failed attempt #1
aerial silk
2nd try…success!

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almond milk from the blender
sometimes it doesn’t make it into the nut bag

This completely applies to eating and diet.  At this same dinner party where we spoke about the sometimes-grueling process of learning, and I had one of those old Lana moments where I blurt out detest for the food industry.  One of the lovely ladies at the table proudly mentioned that she’d started buying almond milk. We were having dinner in a Vegan household, and this choice certainly would have been favored, however,  I wasn’t a supporter in that moment.  I am human, I do make mistakes and this was one of them.  I told her that in our home, we don’t purchase pre-packaged dairy milk alternatives.  They’re full of crap; toxic ingredients in the form of additives for thickening, emulsification, and flavor that you may never even see on the label.  Not to mention all of the synthetic vitamins that the body usually cannot assimilate.  What I really meant to tell her, in effort to avoid instilling any fear (which is much more harmful than toxic food additives) is that there’s a better option.

The process of learning, brain pain arises. The beginning is not always fun and certainly not easy.  Changing my eating, and kitchen habits?  No way. Too busy.  Not enough time, not enough mental space.  Right?  I totally get it.  The beginning may, in fact, completely suck. BUT! What about that blissful feeling that comes after you figure it out?  Yes, I’ve found that learning how to make almond milk and the joy of drinking it is blissful.  I can only expect to reach new highs in my aerial practice if I’m giving my body what it needs to thrive.

warm nut milk with ginger in Thailand 2013: the feel good treat

For me, the best way to move past that painful part of the learning process (and implementing change) is to just jump right in and break through to the other side, as fast as possible.

Let’s translate.  The almond milk realization was a pain in the rear (I refrained from getting explicit right there).  The idea of remembering to soak the almonds, taking the time to peel each one, blend and strain on a regular-or daily basis seemed unbearably distressing.  Why would I do this to myself?  It was actually an easy choice for me.  I learned all I could about the alternative (pre-packaged nut milk), and it became a must.  Once I realize that something is not doing what I want it to inside of my body…it’s out of my kitchen.  If it’s not helping me feel amazing every day; the momentary pleasure-while it’s in my mouth, is not worth the long term effect on my well-being.  This certainly includes the extra time it takes to prepare healthy food.  Have you came across this idea that if your diet consists of food has a long shelf life, it’s likely that you’ll have a short one?  I won’t get all morbid here so let’s move on.   Almond milk can become a super simple and quick process.

Of course, there’s a background story beginning emerge, but I will be sharing this in a later article, so stay posted 😉  For now, I’ll leave you with two options for making your own almond (or dairy free) milk.




















There’s even a fun part after the milk is made-crackers anyone? Also, check out the Edible Goddess if you’d like to use a different kind of nut for your milk!

Please!  Let me know if you have found another option for home made dairy free milk and share the recipe in the comments section below.  Please also share if you tried out this recipe and loved it!  What did you use it for?  Did you pour it in your cereal? Take a bath in it?  Pour it on your husband?  Yep.  There’s many uses.  Let me know what you think.  If you had fun reading this article, do share with your friends!