How many years in a row have you made the same new year’s resolution? If you’re making the same resolution because you haven’t gotten what you were shooting for, I have a challenge for you.  It can’t hurt to have an additional new year’s intention.

Do you and your lover speak the same food language?  Can you whip up a delicious meal in the kitchen together?  Do you generally choose the same item on a menu at a restaurant?  Do you come home from the grocery store with all of the divine, colorful produce that your lover wanted (without them even having to ask for it)?  Speaking the same food language means that you can choose and chew together harmoniously.

I have to admit, I am a lucky girl.

Lana and Joe

My husband Joe was so ready to board my Sensual Food ship the day we met.  We have had bumps in the road along the way, so we’ve learned by trial and error.  I remember the day when I decided we weren’t eating onions anymore.  We had been cutting up red onions by the pound and eating them like crazy-in everything.  Someone who I really trusted for nutrition (and spiritual) advice told me that onions were burning the neurotransmitters in my brain that I needed for enlightenment.  I was practicing a lot of yoga asana then.  I didn’t research, I just stopped buying onions.  Joe finally asked after a few weeks why we didn’t have onions anymore. I told him, and he was completely annoyed.  He told me that he was going to wither away because I kept eliminating things from our diet.

As you may know, Joe is still here with us today-he didn’t wither away and he’s recently gained a pound or two (we’re keeping him fed).  It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, sometimes we have to compromise.  We buy onions about once a month now.

Here’s three tips for learning to speak the same food language:

1.  cook a delicious dinner for your lover with a new ingredient that you want to start using regularly-especially if it’s one that might be a very new flavor (I did try this with Vegemite-don’t be too attached to the outcome:D)

2. lead by example-if you want to eat more veggies, just start yourself!

3. watch food films, like “Chef” or documentaries, like “Origins” together and do talk about them  🙂

Just a thought to bring in the new year.  Something to try on.  I know from experience that it’s one of the most fun languages to learn, because it tastes and feels oh-so-good!  

If you’re already set on a New Year’s resolution, please share it in the comments section below, we’d love to hear it!  Happy New Year and may you be blessed with 365 of Sensual Food, love and laughter in 2015!

Super chilly, but even more sunny wishes for the New Year: