Nothing naughty, really.

There’s no doubt that Santa likes it sensual.


Because it’s a holiday, and I want to make sure Santa stays jolly, I am posting this article a day early.  He’ll appreciate it, and I’m sure you will too.  Read on for a quick story.  Merry Christmas!

seeing is believing!
                                                                                                  photo credit: Benjamin Hager

I have a little story I’d like to share from just this past weekend.  My husband Joe and I were filming a tantric kissing video for a good friend of ours.  We demo the many tantric kisses, and just have a fun day being silly and sensual.  One of the kisses is done with a piece of gorgeous fruit. We get close and “sensitize” the lips with the fruit, by lightly pressing and tracing both top and bottom lips.  Then, we both take a small bite and indulge together.  Joe and I had been kissing for over an hour at this point, and had done a gazillion takes and were excited to dive into the fruit, being the foodies that we are…

Usually, I love the sensation of a big juicy red strawberry pressed against my lips.  This time, I was a bit uncomfortable.  The flesh of these strawberries felt a bit dry despite their lovely appearance. When I sunk my teeth in, I didn’t experience the usual explosion of tangy, tart flavor.  I waited for the sweet aroma after I took a bite, but it never came.   There was a slight twinge of bitter with the very subtle tangy flavor.  The texture inside was dense and overall the fruit was completely lifeless.  After a few moments, my lips started to tingle and burn.  The back of my throat felt itchy and irritated.  I noticed all of this in less than a minute. This sad little strawberry was doused in chemicals.  Even as a seed, it never had the chance to be a big, juicy, delicious strawberry.

these are our "it tastes like chemicals" faces
these are our “it tastes like chemicals” faces

It was an honest mistake, but the strawberries that were on the set were certainly NOT organic.  There were raspberries, and blueberries as well.  Fortunately, we were shooting for two days.  The next day, we came prepared. Joe and I bought organic strawberries and raspberries.  It’s too bad they’re not in season, so they weren’t prime as they traveled far to reach our local grocery store.  However, there was a distinct difference. We had everyone on the team try the organic strawberries.  There was no need for words, their mmm’s and moans and expression on their faces said it all.

mmm sensual strawberries...
mmm sensual strawberries…

Do the organic strawberry test yourself.  Then, make sure when you taste the rainbow, you don’t ever make the mistake of feeding your lover toxic pesticides-especially while kissing!  Most importantly, don’t poison santa this season.  If you’re going to leave him a treat, keep it sensual.

We’re super excited to hear how goes with the taste test!  Please let us know in the comments section below what you found.  If you’ve already committed to leaving a treat for Santa, let us know what you’ll be sharing with him.  We promise that he’ll thank you for keeping it sensual.