Have you decided on your New Year’s “resolution” yet?  Ready to try something new and bold this year? No need to change your resolution, it’s just linguistics.  Let’s make an



1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.

2. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.




: the act of finding an answer or solution to

a conflict, problem, etc. : the act of resolving something

: an answer or solution to something

 We all associate something with the word, resolution.  Unless you’ve been successful 100% of the time, you’ve got nothing to lose in trying on a new idea 😉

Team work makes the dream work.  This is the theme of this post.  I receive “Martha’s Daily Inspiration” from the author Martha Beck.  She’s absolutely phenomenal and I love her work.  What I received in lieu of this transitional holiday was an article about teamwork.  Here’s an excerpt:

“At any rate, by February all my friends had fallen off the resolution wagon and were munching their way to larger clothing sizes and a profound sense of failure. Something similar may happen to you this year, whatever your resolutions.  If it does, don’t blame your weak will; blame isolation. Research shows that humans tend to do difficult things much better in teams and groups than on their own. I suggest that this year you seek a specific type of goal-oriented companionship I call the Fellowship of the Resolution.”

The article details the importance of teaming with people who have different strengths than you as this is a fact-we’re all motivated by different forces.  One fact I know is that men (and most women too) are motivated by their partner practicing the art of seduction.

I’m going a little deeper here with this question of, “how do I get my partner to speak the same food language?”  How do we cultivate the joint effort of harmonious co-creation in the kitchen at home?  I do know one way : )

My husband is certainly attracted to me.  We all have this in common, right?  Aren’t you extremely attracted to your incredible partner?  Can they practice the sacred art of seduction and gain your full attention?  I can speak as a woman here-I know that if I have an important message I want to get across, the most reception I am going to get will be initiated with a flirty smile and soft kiss on the cheek.

For the thousands of us who will continue this year-to strive for our most fit physique, support is the key to success.

What if you said just this to your lover, “I want to feel like the sexiest, most seductive, energetic and healthy me this year!”  Then, you explain in detail how you’ve decided to accomplish this mission.  Your intention is to have a fun, flirty, playful experience in the kitchen and dinner table.  You want to have all the healthiest, freshest food you know of stocked in the kitchen.  This includes, organic, local, unprocessed whole foods.  They’re alive and colorful and vibrant.  You want each meal to engage all of your senses with it’s array of aromas and complex flavors.  When you sink your teeth slowly into the first bit, you go so slow that you fully experience your teeth puncturing the thin delicate skin of …a strawberry, let’s say.  The sweet juice ignites your taste buds and a deep breath lets you sink deeper into the orgasmic experience.

Of course, you can see where this is going.  You can go any direction-expand upon this any way that feels authentic and divine.  When your lover connects pleasure to this decision to eat like Gods and Goddesses and the kitchen is a sacred space of love and connection-no one is going to be in opposition.  Right?

Let your partner know you want to be a team.  You desire their support-because with it-you’ll surely experience your intention unfolding.  Have you ever seen this silly e card?

I’m keeping this one short, so we have more time to dive into this New Year and put our intentions into action.

If you’re inclined to dive deeper, I’m honored to offer team support and expert instruction to get you jump started.  My husband and I are offering a wellness event with our friend, Chef Jillian Love- a pioneer in creating conscious cuisine!  Please use the link below to learn more about the event.


REGENERATE: A Retreat to Revitalize, Renew & Restore the Body Mind & Soul.

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