1. 1.
    determine the sex of.
    “sexing chickens”
  2. 2.

    present something in a more interesting or lively way.

    “the department set up a task force to help sex up the concept of conserving water”

When I introduce myself as a “Sensual Foodist” I usually get a reaction, followed by a question. What the hell does that mean? Ever heard of this definition? Presenting something in a more interesting or lively way? I like to talk about food in a more interesting or lively way. It’s just how I feel. I’m passionate about it. I’m passionate about putting something in my body that helps to make me feel amazing-inside and out. Yes, it’s about the sex, too. I’m all about making love to the food, and then increasing the wow-factor in the bedroom.

Let’s just dive into an experience? It’s much more fun than explaining with words. Experiences are what really shape reality, right? So come with me?

Do you have any fresh produce in your house? If not, close your eyes and take a little mental trip back to a time when you were biting into a big, crunchy apple, or soft, smooth avocado. Pick any veggie, or fruit-they work best for this. If you want to follow along with me, I’m going to use an organic, local strawberry. The prompts will be different if you choose another food item, but the process is the same, using the senses to explore it, while you savor it slowly.

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Rinse off the strawberry. Slow down time, just in the mind, and notice the way the water hits the hue of red-the thin flesh of the berry. Rub your thumb on the surface and notice the stimulating texture of the tiny seeds. Take a seat and and a brief moment to inhale deeply, and relax while exhaling. Eliminate any distractions, just for these few short moments. A quiet place is best, if possible.

Bring the strawberry to the lips and press it against the bottom lip. Is the berry cool or warm? Trace the bottom lip just once or twice and notice how it feels. Slowly let the teeth puncture the flesh, just toward the tip of the berry, and tune into the sound.  When this small bite arouses the palate, what flavors are experienced? Is it bitter? Sweet? Tangy? Which flavors are more pronounced and which are more subtle? Is there an aroma? Does this aroma create salivation? Chew slowly, until new flavors emerge. Identify the flavors without judgement. No need to like or dislike-just allow the experience to unfold. Continue to chew until the solid bite turns to liquid. Can you feel any other part of your body responding to the experience? Is there a desire for more or is one bite enough? What thoughts have come while enjoying this food? Notice what’s happening, and bring the focus back to the food. Continue to observe and enjoy the flavors, textures and aromas.

sensual food

Even if you just read, what was it like? I love to slow down and eat this way. I don’t always-I do get super hungry just like anyone and eat quickly before I realize I want to slow down half way through. Everything is a practice.

I love this quote, by this Italian-born fashion designer:

“Eating is not merely a material pleasure. Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. It is of great importance to the morale.”

-Elsa Schiaparelli
…and my own two cents!
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