That sick feeling I get in my “stomach” (or somewhere in that area) when I watch a scary movie, might not just be a feeling. It might be a decision being made, to never, ever watch that movie again. How can I make this conclusion? I have stopped watching scary movies since I became familiar with this churning feeling in my gut. The expression “gut decision” has more validity than many of us have been taught. Clean guts are the answer for making the best decision. Yes, we can think better, when it’s clear in there.

I skipped posting before or on Halloween, as I would generally rant about sugar. If it’s your first time visiting, it’s no secret that I am a huge advocate for ditching the most socially acceptable, more powerful than cocaine (eight times-research shows), disease causing drug on planet earth.

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Throw that shit in the garbage!

bag of shit
my 14 year old’s stash, that we have discarded in it’s entirety. Except that toothbrush on top…was that a toothbrush?

Back to the good news. We can think with our guts! The gut actually contains more neurotransmitters than the brain. Here’s an example of how this works. When my husband Joe and I went to Mexico for an Ibogaine treatment, we learned that it was best to “cleanse” or eat a very simple diet in the week prior. Why was this advised? Among many other reasons, first and foremost was having a clean colon, or gut! When there isn’t any buildup from processed foods, and heavy animal byproducts and meat, the medicine can reach the neurotransmitters more easily. Think of the neurotransmitters like little puzzle pieces that fit together with the medicine. When the medicine, which was Ibogaine in this case, reaches the neurotransmitters and they’re all gunked up with a pound of undigested red meat, and french fries, it’s possible that the connection will not be made. Things just don’t “click.” Joe was even more diligent than me with his diet, and we can tell by his experience that the cleanse was a great decision. We’d be happy to share more, so just shoot an email over, via the contact page, if you’d like to inquire 😉

This doesn’t just work for plant medicine experiences. As with anything that enters the body, it has a great chance of being effective when the body is clean and clear. I recently watched this amazing TED talk about “The brain in your gut.” I want to share it, as I found it fascinating, and I think you might feel the same. I won’t give away the good stuff, but basically, the speaker, Heribert Watzke shares that we truly do think with the gut! Check it out and let me know what you think!

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