Delicious, sweet, moist, rich piece of yummy chocolate cake!  How do these words make you feel?  I love chocolate.  I love chocolate cake.  I love desserts.  All of the time? Probably not.  Most of the time? Yes.

I believe it was the day after my 11th birthday.  It was either a blistering cold “snow day” in the Midwest, and I didn’t have school.  I woke up and turned on the history channel-wait, I’m making things up now.  I turned on MTV and went in the kitchen to find breakfast.  Somehow, no one was awake but me.  My favorite mornings as a child were the ones where the house was mine!  I grabbed the few left over pieces of the chocolate cake out of the refrigerator from my birthday party two nights prior.  I remember just peeling back the tinfoil and taking the whole plate with my fork to sit in front of the big screen TV.  I remember something so incredibly satisfying about that first bite.  My mother woke up after I had finished much more than a serving size and I believe she decided to just pretend it was still my birthday.  I put the fork down after she noticed the plate with a few bites left on it and realized my stomach was telling me that I may not have chosen the right breakfast meal.

I believe I didn’t die of chocolate-cake-for-breakfast-overdose, but I did learn an important lesson.  I mentioned in Madonna’s booty and your breakfast, the importance of breakfast and starting your day right.  Looking in a little deeper, there is one single ingredient we can pinpoint in that chocolate cake I ate for breakfast in 1997.  That one ingredient I am thinking of-is extremely addictive and very common in most chocolate cake recipes.  Did you guess?


My husband Joe decided to ditch the sugar after this extravaganza.   I actually sent him a very long, very informative video on the current “global epidemic.” After watching it,

[Tweet “the thought of being addicted to something motivated him enough to completely kick the habit.”]

He’s been off the suga’ for over a month now.

I have to confess, this past month-January is my birthday month, and on my birthday, I had chocolate cake.  I honestly didn’t ask (as I always do), but I do believe the cake was made with an unprocessed form of sweetener.

Let’s just dive right in. Here’s a sweet bites to chew on:

  • The enamel on your teeth begins to dissolve as sugar works as an acid, which lasts up to 20 minutes
  • For 4-6+ hours the body’s defenses are reduced by 75% (you know that person who just coughed on you after you finished the big sticky doughnut)?

Do the research: Sugar and your immune system

  • Sugar is as addictive as cocaine and heroine. Check out detoxing from it here. 

“Researchers at Princeton University studying bingeing and dependency in rats have found that when the animals ingest large             amounts of sugar, their brains undergo changes similar to the changes in the brains of people who abuse illegal drugs like                       cocaine and heroin.” (

  • The necessary over-production of insulin after consuming sugar leads to a crash and an unmistakable irritable mood and lack of ability to focus.

“[…] refined sugar intake could exert a toxic effect on mental health.” (Psychology Today)

You can certainly continue your own research, and I urge you to do so, as there is a whole plethora of information for you to explore.  However, you have a perfect test subject.  Yourself!

Try it on!
Try it on!

How do you feel after you eat sugar?  Have you been sick recently?  Can you see any correlation?  The best and easiest way to put anything to the test is to try it on in your own life and pay careful attention.

Can you see how sugar’s effect on you could have an impact on your relationship?  Your interaction with anyone?  When we’re feeling tapped-we have decreased energy, and are irritable-throw in there a runny nose and sore throat it’s a challenge to connect.  You feel it and the relationship feels it.  Your sensual self is buried under layers of grouchy, moody, sugar induced negative vibes!

What’s the solution?  Tap into how you feel when you have sugar.  Notice the effects?  Cut it out of your life!

What are three sugary foods you buy on a regular basis that you can replace?  Are you ready now? Good! Share in the comments below.  Who do you know that needs to know this immediately?  If the thought of ditching sugar turned on a light bulb for you, help your friends out and share this information with the link below!


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