Just over one month ago (though it seems much longer) I wrote about my father being in the hospital as a result of COPD. It really sucks to say; I’m not surprised that my grandmother ended up in the hospital over 2000 miles west, only a few weeks later. What are the chances? I guess I didn’t give it much thought before the situation came to be, but the chances were high.

Imagine NEVER cleaning your house. No washing the dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and so forth.  Do you think it would get filthy? Probably so…

messy kitchen
note: This photo is anonymous. I randomly found it in a google image search

What about your body? It’s a great metaphor, (that I certainly didn’t create) the body is a home. I love to refer to my body as a sacred temple. You can choose your own words, of course, but honoring the body is a must. The quote by Jim Rohn is always worth reciting, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” So! How about not cleaning. EVER.  As opposed to dust, and little leaves from the bottom of shoes, dead skin cells, and random strands of hair, the “dirt” inside the body looks a bit different. We breathe in toxins and chemicals everyday. Many smells from cleaning supplies, hotel room sheets are a great example; they contribute to this airborne form of toxins. Second hand smoke. Unnatural air fresheners. Unnatural candles are generally carcinogenic. Yep who knew? Candles can be toxic. Exhaust from vehicles; do you drive with your windows down? It’s clear that there are a billion ways to breathe in crap.

I frequently detail the crap that comes in through the mouth. Food that is not straight from the earth, often has a little “crap” added. I won’t dive too deep into this subject. Sensual food is the way to go! Then there’s water. Unfiltered, or bottled water is so full of chemicals, I don’t even want to attempt to list them. As an alternative option, we frequently collect our water from a spring. Which is the best quality we can possibly obtain without trace pharmaceuticals, bleach, ammonia, chlorine, and many other toxins that just don’t make sense to ingest.

What can be done to decrease the toxic load? 

If there’s no awareness of these many ways to take in harsh chemicals, then there’s a small chance anything is being done to avoid them. Would you agree? I may not be right on point with that statement, but I can give a personal example. I used to buy candles because they were beautiful or had an appealing fragrance. When I learned about how some candles are extremely harmful for health, and had to completely change my candle buying habits. I’ve moved more toward making my own to be honest.

My grandmother and I in Wisconsin in 2013
My grandmother and I in Wisconsin in 2013

My grandmother lived 73 years without awareness of the many ways the body accumulates toxins. There are unnatural candles in every room of her home, flame retardants galore, no filter on the sink or in the shower, thousands of chemicals lurking in the fridge and pantry (like SUGAR), and I’ll just stop there. The cigarettes and alcohol sure didn’t help either.   🙁

Is there a way to turn this around? I’ve read of hundreds of success stories, and I am doing my best to help in creating yet another. What’s easier?

Let’s strive to increase awareness together and decrease the potential for another cancer diagnosis.

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How can you make a shift toward health today?

10 action steps toward health

1. Choose organic

2. Decrease chemical exposure

3. Get your body moving and sweating daily

4. Eliminate processed meat 

5. Get regular deep sleep and relaxation

6. Eliminate exposure to cigarettes

7. Decrease liquor consumption

8. Eliminate processed sugar 

9. Eliminate fried foods

10. Practice gratitude

a simple way for me to drop into deep gratitude...I love these beautiful women in my life!
a simple way for me to drop into deep gratitude…I love these beautiful women in my life!

Here’s a little treat I’m excited to add here. A link to the podcast that is on the TOP of my list right now. It’s incredibly informative, raw and real. You don’t have to search for this information, I’ve done it for you, and I promise you it’s juicy. If you’re really committed to living in your one precious body free of disease, then this podcast is a must.