I could actually title everything on LanaShay.com “x” for better sex. Ninety-percent of everything I eat and drink contributes to a healthy love life. This is certainly not an ego-trip, it’s fact. I’m preaching because I want you to feel good and experience sensual bliss too. If that’s alright with you, then read on.

This is a continuation from last week, when I ranted about drinking plastic flavored water. It was a sad moment when I ran out of water when I reached the top of North America’s tallest waterfall, because it was contaminated by my low-quality plastic hydration pack.

joe died
this is what happened to Joe after he drank the plastic flavored water.

My husband Joe and I collect our water from a natural spring. We used to have an Aquasana filter on our sink, but learned after a year of using it, that it wasn’t delivering us the best source of pure water. I would NEVER drink tap water, unless it was a dire situation. Why not? It took me two seconds to search, and take this screen cap.

tap water

There’s a mass amount of research out there. There’s absolutely no good reason to drink tap water. Among the abundance of reasons to avoid bottled water (specifically plastic) are the dangers of consuming plastic. Spring water is the best option but is certainly not the most convenient for some. Next in line is purchasing a high quality filter for your home, and lastly buying water bottled in glass. Dr. Mercola goes into the details, here.

What does spring water have to do with better sex? I mentioned last week what happens when the human body is dehydrated. These symptoms may make it very difficult to enjoy intimacy, if not not impossible.  A hydrated body is a happy body.

Researchers estimate that 75 percent of the American population is dehydrated. Crazy statistic, yes? Here’s a quote from Patricia Johnson, the co-author of Partners in Passion: A Guide to Great Sex, Emotional Intimacy and Long-term Love.

[Tweet “Being sufficiently hydrated is important for female sexual response, in part because it may facilitate natural lubrication, and also because it can make it easier to experience orgasms.”]

Need I say more? High quality food is great for libido. It’s not new information, especially not here on LanaShay.com. Though high quality water must not be forgotten! BUT! Don’t just take my word for it 😉

spring water

I have another update regarding a collaboration with my good friend, and sensual foodist, Kelsea Ernst. She’s launching a new site soon, and it’s all about sexy ladies, and sexy food! Here’s a sneak peak of the visual aspect.

it’s organic, fair trade chocolate, in case you weren’t sure.



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