I don’t smoke pot, and I really wanted to write about the amazing the couple’s Sensual Food event that my husband Joe and I hosted last week. But all I can think about is pot, so that’s what I’m ready to divulge.  As for smoking, I don’t think it’s wrong, I’m actually all about it. I am just not a happy person when I’m high. Do I think you should smoke pot (weed, refer, ganja, mary jane, marijuana)? Sure, but why not juice it?! Okay, so this may not be for everyone, but I have to share what I’m excited about, and I listened to a podcast today with Dr. William Courtney. This amazing man has been researching cannabis for decade, and is focused on the dietary uses of the non-psychoactive compounds of the plant (in other words the part that doesn’t get you high).

keep it green
keep it green, and throw in some sexy reds 😉


My father was visiting a few months ago, and has severe emphysema. He was up coughing all night for the first few nights that he stayed in our home, and then we found a solution.  Full Extract Cannabis Oil (CBD). My dad slept through the night, for the first time in over a week after taking the CBD oil. From years of substance abuse, dehydration and improper nourishment, (and negative thinking), my dad was suffering in excruciating physical pain. This pain dissipated in the days following, as he continued to take the CBD oil. I knew prior to this experience that marijuana has vast medicinal benefits, but there’s nothing like seeing it in action. I’ve been very fascinated since April, and have been listening to podcasts and soaking in all of the information I can find; and then today! Today, I heard the most exciting podcast.

Full Extract Cannabis Oil
Full Extract Cannabis Oil

I learned that juicing marijuana is incredibly healing for the body. Mammals have been ingesting the plant in it’s raw form for over 30 million years. Nope, no deer in the forest lighting up. They literally just eat the leaves. The compounds within the plant called cannabinoids have the ability to optimize cell function, and contributes to overall physical and mental health in a profound way. How have I never heard of juicing it?! This is news to me, and I figured that it may be news to you as well. It isn’t on the radar of many people simply because it’s not an option. Marijuana is illegal in most places. I am fortunate to live in Northern California.

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My grandfather was the President of the American Cannabis Society. I’ve truly been a HUGE advocate since day one. I haven’t smoked this herb in quite some time, but I have been eating hemp for over a decade, and highly recommend it for optimal health. It doesn’t get me “high” because there’s no THC in the food. The THC is what causes one to feel “high.” Now, I don’t only recommend eating hemp, but I’m all for juicing the marijuana! It’s just another green veggie. Really.


A happy, healthy body is more comfortable to live in. It’s easier to feel good, and connect with others. It’s MUCH easier to be married, or in an intimate relationship when you feel really, really good-and free of ailments. You may just want to juice some mary jane after you watch this video 😉