In lieu of the upcoming holiday, I’m publishing early this week! I want you to receive this special message before Thanksgiving, so that you have the opportunity to bring this knowledge with you wherever you go, to gather with loved ones this week.

Less than a week ago, my husband Joe and I sat down to watch Origins: Our roots. Our planet. Our future.

I’m not big on pushing my belief system on anyone.  It’s always an invitation.  I invite you to eat food that will make you feel amazing. I invite you to get in the kitchen with your lover and family.  I invite you to vote with your dollars, and buy what makes you feel great-and supports the people who want you to feel great.

do you feel like this every day?
do you feel like this every day?

Right now, I am not inviting you.  I am urging you.  Origins is a film that completely conveys everything I know in my heart, to be true, genuine knowledge, that will benefit you and your family when put into practice immediately.

If you are fat, sick, fatigued, foggy, or depressed, it’s a great time to watch this and educate yourself.  There are solutions offered in this film that could potentially eliminate all of these issues for you.  There’s no reason to waste any more time in your life, not feeling incredible every single day. 

More importantly, you have the ability to help everyone around you, by being an example.  If you watch this film and begin to put this knowledge into practice, you will most definitely experience a dramatic shift in your life.  One very blatant piece of information that was stated in this film, was the power of these practices.  Only 3 days.  It takes only 3 days to see and feel a shift.

think about it! 3 days of green...
think about it! 3 days of green…

Here’s my suggestion.  Watch this before you dive into your Thanksgiving dinner.  Better yet, have the whole family watch it! Are you cooking? Even better.  You’re in control, and you have the power to increase the health and wellbeing of your loved ones.  Lucky you!  I honor you!  If you’re headed somewhere outside of your home for Thanksgiving, you can bring this knowledge with you, and spread it with the best of intentions.

I want to reiterate that there is no reason why you should not feel absolutely amazing every day of your life.  If you’re not, when is NOW a good time to start living?

still feeling amazing after one week in the desert at Burning Man, singing into a carrot. Rock concert on the roof!
still feeling amazing after one week in the desert at Burning Man, singing into a carrot. Rock concert on the roof!