Do you chew well? No really. Do you chew your food when you have a meal? Let’s be honest, we’ve all scarfed down a piece of pizza at one point or another.  You don’t need to feel bad about it.  There’s certainly a time and place for everything.  I can tell you that I do not always pay attention to chewing.  Sometimes, I’m gabbing away with friends or my lover and just enjoying the moment; somehow mindful chewing is temporarily neglected.

Darya and I at CreativeLive in the kitchen!
Darya and I at CreativeLive in the kitchen!

Just a few weeks ago I attended a course at CreativeLive and spent three incredible days with the lovely Darya Rose.  I can’t say enough about her work and about how much I love her message.  She’s not only a Foodist, she’s a total (self proclaimed) science-geek!

I’ve only mentioned my love of psychology a few times, so I’ll proclaim my love now.

I LOVE psychology!

The way our brains work is so fascinating. Darya has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and the entire first day we learned about eating from a psychological standpoint.

How fun! Sooo, about this chewing thing…Many of us just don’t do it. I’ve watched a very close someone in my life eat very quickly many many times.  I did wonder if the food was just simply inhaled, and the phenomena was just that.  No more need to chew at all. Proper chewing is a habit that sometimes needs a bit of intention.  No need to fear, anyone can develop this habit.

This concept of proper chewing is one incredibly simple take-away from the CreativeLive course with Darya.  Do you know how important it is to thoroughly chew your food? It could be the difference between you feeling amazing after a meal, or-for example, having terrible uncontrollable gas after a meal. Yes, this may sound a bit extreme, but you can truly begin erupting with smelly gas following a meal if you don’t chew your food fully.  Digestion really begins in the mouth. Your body will certainly benefit from a good, long, intentional few seconds of chewing for eat bite.

Many of us have heard that 100 chews per bite is the key.  How about chewing until it’s liquid? Yes, I kid you not. It’s the best way.

fartWhen we do not take the time to break down the food in our mouth, this bite is actually only partially digested as it makes it’s way through the digestive system. The result can be stinky farts. Yep. I said it. Stinky farts. Completely undesirable. You can think of it this way-essentially, it’s rotting while it sits inside, waiting to be utilized or eliminated. Not fun.

gorgeous beet salad is definitely on the Sensual Food list and does it’s magic inside your temple even better with a nice proper chewing!

Proper chewing is even more important for Sensual Foods, a.k.a. real food (as opposed to Standard American Diet/S.A.D. food). Foods with high-fiber, like veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds, take more work for the digestive system to break down.  What this means is that you must chew, chew, chew!

Of course this isn’t only about preventing gas, this is about getting the most bang for your buck!  I am a huge advocate for spending time in the kitchen, to put your own love an energy into the food you eat. Why take the time to prepare delicious, real food, if you’re not going to get the full benefit? Plant based foods do wonders for the body, and when you chew them well-you’re helping out your digestive system. The vitamins, minerals and all of the goodness can really do it’s magic when you chew.  Amazing stuff, right?  Even if you’re not at home, in your kitchen, and out at some yummy farm to table restaurant, I would still suggesting chewing.

Darya, thank you for the reminder. I’ve been making sure to put my fork down between bites and chew even longer.

It’s time to try on this chewing business-and it’s time to get sensual.  Tune into your sense of taste.  Here is a fun experiment you can do, right in your own kitchen.  Even better, if you do this one with your lover-then, you can report findings on the spot! Pick up a bag of organic carrots. If there’s a few in the fridge right now, you get bonus points.  Take a nice chomp out of a raw carrot and chew for at least 60 seconds. What happens?  Notice if the flavor changes!

Okay, I’ll tell you the secret: the longer you chew complex carbs, the sweeter they taste.  A side note and added benefit here: chewing can potentially reduce sugar addiction!

candid shot of my lover chewing mindfully

Think of how much more enjoyable it is to eat Sensual Food when you skip the farts.  Honestly, wouldn’t you rather just chew a few seconds longer?  My intention isn’t to scare you into chewing; fearing that you’ll have gas.   If this isn’t an issue for you, by all means, chew well for the plethora of other benefits!

Let me know, in the comments section below if you are a good chewer!  If you’re not, tell me you are anyway and get on the bandwagon now.  Was this helpful information for you?  Any light-bulb moments for you?   Make sure to share in the comments section below, and please do-share with your friends.  They’ll thank you.  I promise.


P.S. If you’re really brave, you can share a story of when a smelly fart may have ruined a special moment.

disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that chewing more will eliminate all gas from your life, but I promise that it will only you good!