Let’s go back to a time, not too long ago, when we first moved to California.  I don’t do this too often, just once in a blue moon, or maybe just a new moon (did you know it’s less than a week away)?  I used to write poetry, and I think that creative spark just tried to poke it’s head out. ha!

When Joey, Joe and I first moved to California, I fell madly in love with food.  Can you believe it? I was honestly a sensual foodist before arriving to the West Coast, however, my love has grown deeper and yet more simple.  At one point, I tried on extreme veganism, then moved more toward vegetarian, and now I’m feeling the need to live without label that everyone has seemed to have tried on themselves once upon a time.

Joe was cleaning up the computer (I have a very interesting way of organizing files that makes him nuts), and we enjoyed revisiting some old photos and videos.

I remember a solo wwoofing adventure I went on in France for four months at 22 years old. I sat at the table of my host’s home completely bewildered.  I was raving about the food and how succulent, and mouth watering the dish was. My host flashed me a bizarre glare. One of the other wwoofers looked at me and mumbled, “she doesn’t like to talk about the food at the table.”  I couldn’t believe it. Really?  This is what I do!  How could she tell me to not enjoy my food?  This adornment was my way of really enjoying the food. I’d been doing it since I was able to talk.  My mother taught me well. She always spoke eloquently about everything she put on the table, and she really started talking it when we picked up our fork!

this one of Joe in 2010 never gets old!
this one of Joe in 2010 never gets old!

While Joe was organizing our millions of old photos and videos, we came across a video captured when we first moved to California. We were with a group of friends, who are clearly all sensual foodists.  They were “mmming” and moaning after every bite. We happened to be at a truly sensual food-approved restaurant. Café Gratitude!  The quality of the video is not amazing, but it’s a great depiction of sensual foodists in action, unfiltered, uncensored. Enjoy!

Next time you’re in the company of your lover (or many friends), sharing a delicious meal, talk about it! Smell it, and savor the aroma.  Devour it with all of your senses, your ears, your eyes, your hands…and most importantly, your mouth! Tell me, do you talk about your food?  How good is it? The comments section below this article is awaiting your sensual story 😉

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