Have you ever used a vending machine? What shiny little package shot out of the bottom? When you ate it, how did you feel?

A life-long friendship was birthed out of a moment when I really could have used a vending machine-but not just any vending machine, of course. In 2012, I was dancing for a band, called Durian Sex Cult, while they performed in Santa Cruz, California. An airbrush artist named Kelsea Ernst came to paint the dancers with adornments before the show, and I totally fell in love with her. While she was airbrushing black lace cuffs on my wrists, I was expressing my deep desire for something delicious to eat to my husband Joe, sitting next to me.

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I told him that I couldn’t bear to eat whatever “food” was available in that area, late at night and that I would have to resort to my usual: guacamole. When in doubt, I’ll always go for the guac.  It was a long sob story, but thankfully Kelsea chimed in and interrupted me with a solution. She asked, “what kind of food do you want?”  I told her my criteria; organic, non-gmo, vegetarian, local if possible…She cut me off and exclaimed, “I have something for you! It’s non-gmo, and vegan.”  She offered me a Kind Bar.  It’s not only men’s hearts who can be reached by food 😉  My heart was won.  My moment of hanger had been remedied.  From that day on, Kelsea has been one of my close girlfriends, thanks to a deep love of food!

Kelsea and Lana

Back to my question.  When was the last time you ate something out of a vending machine? For me, it had been a really long time, that is-before I met Kelsea! She’s dedicated to creating a much needed shift in what we think of as “vending machines.” What if when you thought of a vending machine, you associated it with  “highest quality, organic, and GMO free snacks?” Guess what?  It totally exists, and it’s called:

The Hurb! 

We made a short, silly video for you to learn a bit more about these magical machines and meet Kelsea (and the President of The Hurb, Charlene).


In a typical vending machine, you’re not going to find anything truly edible. Nothing inside of the machine will make you feel amazing after you eat it. If it doesn’t make you feel energized, sexy, satiated, and happy, then I don’t recommend putting it in your mouth.

Fortunately, The Hurb is available! Check out the site, and be sure to watch the video on the homepage to get even more familiar with it. Let’s encourage more sensual food availability together!

Let me know in the comments section below what food you’d like to see in a vending machine.  As always, share this article with your friends if you love it, and spread the word!