Happy Holidays! 

sensual carrot tops
Kissing carrots in the “Our Gourmet Life” kitchen


How do you feel right now? I’m feeling really peaceful. The hustle and bustle energy that Christmas seems to bring each year has died down, and I’m so relieved. Even though we have chosen not to carry on this tradition for at least five years now, I still feel the intense energy of this time of year. My husband Joe and I don’t buy “presents” for each other, and buy only one for Joey, our 14 year old. This year, we actually didn’t buy him one at all. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made. The uncomfortable, unnecessary pressure of Christmas consumerism has dissolved almost completely.

I know that New Year’s Eve has yet to come, and I really encourage you to to let this tradition live on. Allow the momentum to take you. I love the transformative energy of the New Year.  It’s a great time to celebrate accomplishments, or celebrate the success of just being – just living.

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As you scroll on, you’ll find the sequel to the video that Joe and I created just over one year ago. When I began writing about the concept of being a Sensual Foodist, one of the questions that came up over and over, was how to get back in the kitchen – or literally just get in. This sequel is one of my answers to getting into the kitchen, and keeping your lover enticed and engaged. It’s certainly time to find yourself in the kitchen with your lover; the eve of 2016 can launch you into a new year of new adventures though sensual food practices! Please do post your comments, and contact us if you’d like to see something specific, or have questions. I’ll leave you with this music video created with my own vocals :), beats by John Phan, shot by JOVA in the Our Gourmet Life kitchen.