My dear friend, iX-chel Sandivel is a truly driven individual and record breaking athlete. In her competitive running days, she nationally ranked in the 10,000 meters, and placed 11th at the NCAA II Track & Field Championships.  She is a former Nike elite runner for “The Janes.”  Ix-Chel is now a women’s empowerment coach.

elite beach running

I met iX-Chel in an unsuspecting place and felt an instant connection.  She is consistently cultivating her skills and is truly a well-rounded teacher.  I love learning from her and we have so much fun together.

Our unsuspecting meeting place was a nail salon in Las Vegas.  Both iX-Chel and I visit nail salons once in a blue moon.  To add another silly twist to this scenario-my husband came to pick me up at the salon and was waiting for a few minutes near all of the glossy fashion magazines (gotta love him)!  He noticed iX-chel drinking a smoothie out of a vegenaise jar.  Joe knows my earth lovin’ eco sisters when he sees them (excuse my humor).   He struck up a conversation with her, and was enthusiastic about her and I connecting.  That lil’ Vegas nail salon was a powerful vortex.  Who would’ve thought?

the foodie friendship catalyst jar
the foodie friendship catalyst jar

When we woke up in her magical hideaway, nestled in the forest just north of Los Angeles, we had every reason to just be grateful! Nature always reminds me that there’s so many things in life waiting to be explored, and adventures to be had.  iX-Chel went  on her morning run, and we were both ridiculously high on life and spent some time in front of the camera and  just captured being in the moment.  We decided that we want to-informally-share a super nourishing way to start the day, as a reminder that sensual food is simple, quick and delicious!

Super Dank Warrior Smoothie Recipe

Almost all of my closest friendships are founded upon the practice of living life to the fullest.  In doing so, we realize that maintaining a deep connection to our food and nourishing our bodies is a habit to live by.  The best relationships in my life are with the people who choose to fuel their body with food that makes them thrive!  I can say with certainty that your relationship with food is synonymous to your relationship with your lover and closest friends.  How do you connect with your food?  Have you ever prayed or took a moment before eating to acknowledge gratitude?  How do you feel when you eat?  Do you feel like you’re giving yourself the gift of health when you sit down to a meal?  These are important questions to consider and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Love this shot from 2007!  I've always loved to bring friends together to eat...this one was a fav sushi spot in Madison, Wisconsin
Love this shot from 2007! I’ve always loved to bring friends together to eat…this one was a fav sushi spot in Madison, Wisconsin. Check out my shaved head! Wowza.

I feel so blessed to have such incredible people in my ever expanding circle.  I would love nothing more than for you to join us!  iX-Chel and I have so much to share, and will continue to co-create and offer the tools we use to keep us healthy and thriving.  If you have questions, you can let us know in the comments section below.  Please leave a comment below if you try this recipe, and make sure to share!  The best way to spread the knowledge of health is by sharing.  Mix up your smoothie and pour it in 2, 3, 4 or 10 cups.  The gift I am so happy to offer with you is the simple, clever practices that keep us on our game, so feel free to share yours with us too!


the friendship that began with a Veganaise jar!
the friendship that began with a Veganaise jar!