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There isn’t much ambiguity in the title, right? Sexting is just text messages with sexually explicit content-photos, videos, or simply just sexual text; if for some reason you didn’t already know. I may have been years behind when I first learned this word, since I’d been doing it without a label for years.  Who doesn’t send sexy photos to their lover? I think it’s a mandatory piece of any healthy relationship.  If your opinion differs, I’d love to hear about it. This topic always sparks my interest. This article isn’t really about how I sext my husband. It’s more about how our sexting has evolved and some unique elements of it.

This idea came to my attention the other night when Joe, my husband and I were at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies) the other night for a presentation on psychedelics. We invited a few friends and wIMG_6829ere chatting before the presentation began. One of our friends I’ve spoken about before here on, mentioned a conversation he was having via text with his wife. He and his wife have separate living spaces temporarily, as she’s working on a project in another city. They stay in touch all day though text and still share many of the same conversations they would if they were face to face. This includes food. Since our friends are away from each other for more than half of each week, there are some things that they want to know about one another.

If you’re away from your loved ones, what is it that they want to know?

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when I made an amazing discovery in the less desirable terminal at SFO

One really simple way of letting them know is to text them photos. Thank God for technology, right? I even ask my clients to send me photos of them doing something that shows me that they’re safe and happy. The other day I received a photo from a client while she was sitting in a sunny park journaling. This is right along those same lines. No, I’m not talking about sexting anymore-but I am talking about a very important way of communicating. Whether it be sexy photos, bare feet in green grass (on a sunny day), or a bowl of broccoli-you’re communicating the same thing, “I’m good and I want you to know it.”

These friends of ours-remember the ones who aren’t living together full time right now? Those friends, they send each other photos of their meals. It’s important. Our friend (the male counterpart who joined us for the psychedelic presentation), was happy when a photo arrived to his phone of his wife’s gorgeous, nourishing dinner. He said, I’m so glad she’s eating well, and taking care of herself!  In all of my relationships, it feels so good to convey that I’m safe and happy. Healthy and doing well.

I’ve spoke about this before. What message are you conveying when you send someone a photo of yourself with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth, and a big mac on your plate? You’re going to have a heart attack in a few hours? Who in the heck wants to see that? I’m involuntarily making an ugly face whila sextingle I type this; new subject: foodies love to send photos of their meals to one another. Not a big surprise. Though this type of conversation can create a spark between any two people who have distance betweenthem. If my husband goes to Santa Cruz, which is only an hour south of our home-to bring our son to capoeira for the evening, I might get a photo of his gorgeous dinner at Cafe Gratitude. I love the simple reminder. He’s taking care of his body and mind, and our relationship is nourished by this simple act. It’s sexy too. A lean, fit, healthy body starts with the building blocks: food! You see, we’re back to the sexting now. Full circle. Send your lover photos of your sexy food. Let them know you’re happy and healthy.  The best part? You get to make the choice to put the right things on your plate to make that photo worth sending 😉
videos work too of course:

What do you think about foodie sexting? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.  How can you make this even more exciting? Ideas?

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