Did you join the live event yesterday? If not, I’m sharing the video, here!

The webinar was just a short, 30 minutes, yet was so full of simple, enlightening information. I have a hunch that it will require only minimal effort to use this knowledge in your life immediately. The effects may just be profound.


There’s just no question, we could all use a little bit more love in our lives. Right? I know I could. Feeling love, and of course…making love allows us to feel pleasure. My mission in life is to feel good. If there’s something I can eat that leads to more good feelings-I’m all in. Rachel gives us a good dose of what’s inducing the love in her kitchen. Check it out!

Sprinkle some cacao nibs on your smoothie.  Add some rose water to a dish.  Mix up some Vitamineral Green  in water to enjoy before breakfast.  Steep some fragrant tea midday to share with your love. Get sensual with some veggies to toss in a big pot of nourishing soup! There you have it, five love-inducing foods and simple ways to integrate them into your life. If you need more tips on how to get these foods into your kitchen or into your mouth, ask Rachel. She’s available for private, or group coaching and if you sign up for her newsletter on her site, you’ll be sure to hear about future events.


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