Do you take your shoes off before you walk into your house? My mother and grandmother always did so I think I just picked up the habit. The habit became a must after my first international travel experience in Thailand, almost a decade ago. Even before walking into retail stores, I had to remove my shoes. Almost always, the floor was so clean, I was elated to step in with my bare soles.

dream kitchen temple
what a dreamy temple!

This is the same feeling I like to have when I walk into my kitchen at home. It’s like my sacred temple. I want to walk into my kitchen and get that squeaky clean, shiny feeling. For some reason french fries, oreos and things like slim-jims just don’t get me in that space. Know what I’m sayin? On the other hand, things that rinse out off a pan with just water, or cook without leaving a film on the wallpaper…they just feel right. Food with high water content, fresh, juicy things bursting with vibrant color.  Yep, squeaky clean-in my belly.

junk food
the dirt to leave outside


Joe and I make an effort to leave the dirt outside. We eat that “naughty” food when we’re out and about ever so often, but we don’t buy it in bulk and keep it stocked. I ate a donut the other day-my absolute fav.  They’re not your typical squishy, fluffy, sugary rings with that rancid oil after-taste. They’re a bit more dense, perfectly sweet, with a fair amount of nutritional benefit for a dessert. I honestly dream about them. However, I would never buy enough to keep in my kitchen for more than 24 hours. There’s absolutely no reason to torture myself. It’s true. You can have too much of a good thing. If I ate more than one of these in a day, I’d feel like crap (I did test this theory).

naked kale in the hotel
that squeaky-clean feeling

If there’s tempting food in your kitchen, that will cause you to feel like crap after a double serving; get rid of it! No really. It’s the secret. It’s one of our secrets, at least. I won’t reveal any names, but Joe and I were recently visiting family and spent some time in their kitchen. We found oreos, sugary snack bars, potato chips…and all kinds of addicting finger foods. The owner of the kitchen asked, “so what am I supposed to do?” We gave the simple answer. If you’re going to eat it, just eat it while you’re out if you must. It’s much easier to keep the temple of your body squeaky-clean and fresh when the larger temple is held to the same standard. Makes sense, right?

Do you know anyone who could use a hint to leave the dirt outside? Let’s be the example or be the catalyst and pass on the good word. We’d love it if you shared this article, and we’d thank you with those delectable donuts. 😀

**You may have noticed I took a week off this past week. Summer is coming to a close soon, and I’ve been preparing for a new journey. Details to come! Stay posted by subscribing to this blog, or like the Sensual Foodist on Facebook. Thanks for reading!