When you’re feeling amazing inside and out, how does that affect your relationship?  Conversely, how does a groggy, bloated, tired day affect your relationship?  One thing that is incredibly important in my relationship is feeling really great when we’re together.  You too, right?  It’s so much easier to have an outstanding relationship-with anyone-when you feel so damn good that nothing can get you down.

What makes me feel that good? Sunshine and tasty food are pretty high ranking on my list. This week I’m in beautiful Hawaii, and my love, Joe is back home in California.

soakin’ it in!

Even when we’re apart for a short trip like this; less than a week, we can connect through food.

I’ve certainly shared that one of our favorite things to do together is find delicious food while traveling around exotic destinations. Traveling anywhere calls for a food mission. It’s like searching for treasure on a sunken pirate ship…

Ironically, I used to tell Joe that he looked like Eric.  "Oh, Eric!"
Ironically, I used to tell Joe that he looked like Eric. “Oh, Eric!”

Then, finding the treasure is even better after it’s eaten, and I’m feeling like a million bucks! Sharing joy amplifies it, without a shadow of a doubt. I remember the first time when we ate at our favorite restaurant together, Shangri-La. It felt like we were given a gift from heaven!

When we’re traveling solo, we still share the moment when we strike gold. We must have at least a thousand photos of food that we’ve sent to each other. It’s true. We’re real foodies and we love to capture a gorgeous plate of colors. The more color, and the more nutrient dense, equals more gold. The real jackpot has been hit when the meal is organic, local and most important–mouth watering!

Yes, we send selfies and sexy photos too. We don’t forget these important exchanges, but everything is so much juicer with food pics!

mmm sexy kale
mmm! Sexy kale…

There’s a deeper meaning of course. Ready for some real talk? When I receive a photo of food that I know makes him feel-so damn good, that nothing can get him down, I feel damn good too. Don’t you want to know your lover is taking care of him or herself? Look at it this way-what if they send you a selfie holding a can of soda and a cigarette everyday? How about a cigarette and a McDonald’s Big Mac? Ever seen the film Supersize me?

 Joe's favorite pancakes, sent to me during a recent solo adventure
Joe’s favorite organic, vegan pancakes, sent to me during a recent solo adventure

I certainly do not want to witness my love not taking care of his body, and feeling like crap. What feels good is to know that he’s nourishing his body and soul, and feeling good. Treating yourself well says a lot about how you treat your lover. Being mindful of what goes in, is the surefire way to be intentional about what comes out. This is a metaphor in so many ways.

Intuitively, we know what to put in, and what not to put in. Let your partner know you love them by staying on your game with a few tasty food pics.

the treasure I discovered my first night in Waikiki
the treasure I discovered my first night in Waikiki

Not to get too serious, but! As the adage goes, “you have to love yourself before someone else can love you.” Start lovin’ now and put something yummy and nourishing in your mouth, and don’t forget to snap a quick shot to send to your lover.

Do you take photos of food?  Have you ever sent a foodie selfie to your lover?  If not, it’s time to give it a whirl.  Let us know how it goes! Does it motivate you to put something gorgeous and colorful on your plate and into your body?  This is how it works for me, without a doubt!  We’d love to see your food pics!  Please comment in the section below and share with us!  I challenge you to send  a food selfie this week!