…blindfold them, rip all of their clothes off, lead them into the kitchen and make passionate love to them on the floor.  The END.   Just kidding.

kitchen sex
is this a common scene in your home?

This is actually a true story of two good friends of mine. A few nights ago, my husband Joe and I went out for an impromptu double date with our good friends.  They’re an amazing couple that I am totally inspired by.  I really appreciate the dynamic of their relationship.  However, I was caught a bit off guard when Sara (names changed for privacy) mentioned that she really does not like to cook.  Her husband Tom followed this by saying something like, I’ve found that if I do all of the cooking, she and I are both happier.

just how I like my man...in the kitchen with a big pile of veggies!
just how I like my man…in the kitchen with a big pile of veggies!

In my mind, I immediately devised a plan to remedy this potential snag in their relationship.  Not to say that this is a serious problem, and they could not go on this way-but!  It could certainly become an issue if Tom decides he doesn’t feel like cooking, or ordering take-out. Mind you, Sara did not say that she will never cook, or absolutely cannot cook.  She simply said that she does not enjoy it.

flying aaround
If a couple has a boatload of hobbies and enjoyable activities that they normally do together, than alright, skip cooking together if it’s painful.

 Conversely, if there’s potential to enjoy being in the kitchen together, than I say,

give it a try!

Cooking with your lover is a sensual, fun practice that cultivates connection, teamwork, communication and SO much more.

the kitchen is a fun, sensual, sexy place!

There has to be something Sara would enjoy doing in the kitchen, right?  Besides the quick solution–making love in the kitchen–yes, I am talking about actual love making this time…associating the kitchen with bliss and sensuality-hey!  Why not give it a try?  Can’t hurt.  😉

The other thought I had was to simplify!  I listened closely as she explained, “Well, I can assemble.  I like to assemble.  I’m good at putting things together that we have in the kitchen.”   My secret is that I used to avoid the kitchen, I used to feel the same way as Sara.  I would run into the kitchen, and throw whatever I could easily grab from the fridge on a plate, and bolt. Opening the fridge was a feat, and I certainly was not going to attempt anything with the stove.  I’ll save the story of how this changed for later, but I’ll share just what I do when this feeling occasionally returns. I assemble.  Yup, Sara hit the nail on the head.  With a bit of strategy, she could have a whole dinner assembled for both her and Tom!  There’s a ga-jillion recipes that do not require touching the stove or whipping out a food processor.  No spatula, frying pan, sizzlin’, sautéing, blanchin’ or bastin’ required 😉  Raw meals are the perfect solution. The perfect “assembled” dinner:  nori wraps. Nori is a sea vegetable that just happens to be a magical ingredient for a quick and easy dinner.

Do you recognize this dried sea veggie?
Do you recognize this dried sea veggie?

Nori is magical because just about any thinly sliced veggie tastes delicious wrapped up in Nori.  My absolute favorite is avocado, mushrooms, kimchi or saurkraut, and shredded carrot. Bragg’s Amino‘s are great for dipping sauce.  No need to even make a sauce!

Option 1


Nori Sheets
red cabbage
bragg’s aminos or hummus
sesame seeds

optional: add in any veggies  you love raw!  I like to use cooked mushrooms…if  you want to throw in one cooked item 🙂

1. Thinly slice veggies

2. Place veggies in the middle of the nori wrap (about 1 inch wide) and sprinkle with sesame seeds

3. Roll and enjoy

Option 2

Throw all of the nori wrap ingredients in a bowl (minus the nori, or cut into small square pieces)!  

optional: roasted or raw almonds, sprouts, pre-hydrated seaweed, and rice.  Use the rice cooker for super simple rice, or grab pre-cooked rice from the local grocery store.

nori 3
add *no-cook-sprouts and seaweed too!

Option 3

Kelp noodle pasta.  All of these yummy ingredients are perfect over kelp noodles.  No cooking required!

Simple recipes are the way to get your lover in the kitchen…try prepping everything first, then inviting them into the kitchen to ease them in! Touching and tasting food with your lover–indulging in sensory pleasure while in the kitchen is never a bad time. Once you get in and make it fun, and focus more on enjoying being with each other, the cooking becomes a piece of cake!

Falling in love with and in kitchen and speaking the same food language is a process that can be really fun.  Do you have a story about cooking up love in the kitchen?  Please do share in the comments section below.  Be sure to share this article with a friend who just might want to get their beloved in the kitchen…

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