…or maybe just your day.


Mexico was blissful.  I’m sad it’s over, and yet so grateful for the time we spent in tropical paradise.


A few days before we departed, our photo shoot on the beach was the perfect opportunity to capture the essence of the trip.  We woke up before sunrise; around 5 am and stepped onto the sand just as the breathtaking colors flooded the sky.

Joe and Lana kiss

Everything was magical.  It was quiet, peaceful, and the colors were stunning that morning.  There was only one issue.  As we rushed out, we discovered that our hosts were fresh out of bottled water, and it was too early for us to buy water anywhere.  Sweating buckets in Mexico without water to drink isn’t the most pleasant experience, but we figured we’d survive, and departed without H2O.


About 30 minutes into the shoot, the sun was blazing down and we were dire need of water.  When I model, my biological needs tend to temporarily shut off.  Practices I did while working with my friend, and internationally acclaimed body-paint artist, Trina Merry  taught me to breathe through intense discomfort.  However, my love, Joe-was ravenously hungry and on the verge of dehydration, after a few hours.  We are very good with our breakfast habits and we rarely wake up without break(ing the)fast!  Unfortunately, these deprivation practices I learned through modeling only work for so long.


One thing I can assure you, tension can fill the air even in an open space!  Joe was ready to chew someone’s arm off, while I was whimsically splashing around in the fresh “cenote” (sinkhole) water flowing into the ocean.  I was bothered that we needed to wrap up early to go on a food mission at 8 am, and….  Ever heard someone use the word, hangry?

cenote splashing

Luckily, snacks saved the day.


I had almonds and a raw spirulina bar stashed in my day pack.


I’m pretty sure you’ve had your own experience of hangry for at least a moment or two.  When hunger arises and blood sugar drops, things can get ugly-with anyone and in any situation.  I can recall numerous occasions when snacks that I’ve stashed in either my purse or in the car have truly saved the day, or better yet-my marriage!  No, really, hangry arguments are the worse.  Know what I’m talking about?


I've just discovered these amazing little snacks!  They're tiny and delicious!
I’ve just discovered these amazing little snacks! They’re tiny and delicious!

Low blood sugar can signal hormones that activate the body’s fight or flight response, so it’s important to carry snacks if you’re out with your lover trekking around, or just out running errands for hours. Arguments that arise out of irritability never lead to a good place, so carry snacks and water when you’re food is not in reach! Never underestimate the power of a handful of almonds 😉


Simple snacks to pack



pumpkin seeds

sunflower seeds




dehydrated veggies and fruit

rice cakes

one of my absolute favories! Kale chips and nut milk...mmm
one of my absolute favories! Kale chips and nut milk…mmm

Know anything about being hangry?  Have found a solution?  Share with us in the comments section below.  Let us know what your favorite snack is, and of course your lover’s fav as well.  Has a snack ever saved your marriage, or just your day?  Share this article with your love-they’re sure to remember it in just the right moment!