What did your grandma tell you about the opposite sex? What about relationships and marriage? My grandma taught me a lot of things that I need to unlearn to be quite honest. Yet, there’s so many things that my parents, and grandparents taught me that I believe was so important. There’s always a deeper meaning if you care to dive deeper into their words. As humans, we continue to evolve, grow and expand, but I know one thing for sure made sense; and my husband’s grandmother told him on the phone when he spoke to her on this past mother’s day.

[Tweet “Grandma said: healthy relationships are built around the kitchen”]

For me, this has held true. Maybe it’s my connection to the Italian traditions and the emphasis on family.

On mother’s day, my husband texted me and asked, “what do you want for dinner?” I knew that meant, “what do you want me to cook?” I love my husband’s cooking, and it doesn’t really matter what he makes. When he’s in the kitchen, he infuses the food with love. He enjoys what he’s doing and I can actually taste it. No joke. Conversely, a sloppy meal that’s thrown together carelessly by someone who hates cooking tastes way different. Have you had one of those?

When Joe asked what I wanted, I asked for my favorite. He makes pasta with a marinara that is so fresh, my heart melts every time I smell it. My grandma used to make this same marinara, but Joe’s recipe touches my heart in a whole new way. He uses the highest quality ingredients and the flavors pop like you wouldn’t believe. Come into our kitchen, totally unfiltered… uncut. Our really good friend from Argentina was visiting and my little sister-who were both joining us in the kitchen.

Joe and I make nourishing our bodies through high quality food, a really high priority. What we’re eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks is part of our daily conversation. I don’t mean we spend hours talking about what we’re going to eat, but we do spend some time. It’s not a chore, because we love it. It’s how we show our love to one another. Cooking with passion and intention. I love it so much when Joe cooks this particular meal because his passion and intention really shines. He preps everything and likes to announce the “mise en place” (French phrase for putting everything in place; particularly used in professional kitchens in reference to organizing all of the ingredients). Oh how I love the French phrases in the kitchen. 😉

So what’s going on with your relationship (relationships)? How is the kitchen involved? Is the kitchen a place to cook up some love and passion? It’s clear that time in the kitchen can most definitely add a little spice to your love…if you cook it up right.

P.S. Joe really loves our new pot. Is there any new tool that could make you more excited to get into the kitchen?

Joe's new pot