Let me fill you in quick.  My husband Joe and have been studying with Freddy Zental Weaver and Elsbeth Meuth, the founders of TantraNova for nearly five years.  We have the privilege of assisting them, as they lead couples through a week-long workshop at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.  I believe in Karma, as does Joe-who mentions that ours must be exceptionally good, to be doing this work in this freaking incredible location.  It’s true.  It’s really incredible.  We get to hang out in paradise for a week, and are fed the most delicious and nourishing food I’ve ever tasted.  Every day we have conversations with new friends, that share the desire to discuss global or universal concepts (engage highly stimulating conversation). We disconnect and detox from technology and connect with nature. Anyone love the ocean?  Hot springs?

With the magnitude of benefit we receive just by spending time at Esalen, it’s astounding that there’s another layer!

When I say sex, this time-I am only referring to gender.  Let me tell you an interesting thing about this workshop: Secrets to Lasting Intimacy: Tantra for couples.  More often than not, we hear that the women urged the men to attend.  Of course, one or two men will announce that they proposed the idea to their partner.


cafe gratitude LA
Joe sent me this photo while he was traveling in Southern California

I will continue to preach about this phenomena.  Women can, will, and do get their men on board.  Women want to start working out, and the couple finds their way to the gym.  The woman in the relationship wants to start eating healthier; they ditch the local burger joint, and the new date night dinners move to Cafe Gratitude.  Wives and girlfriends want to immerse in a week long, intense Tantra workshop-off the grid, in a relatively secluded location, and the men are by their side.

If he knows it's your favorite...
If he knows it’s your favorite…

When you, as a woman decide to make a conscious shift in your life, you want your man on board, right (don’t worry guys I know it can go both ways)?  When you decide that you want to start looking and feeling your best, you are not going far without your man by your side.  If you love him, and you are committed to having an amazing relationship, you want his support.  Doing it together, as a team, is better.  This is what I’ve found.  If you’re in a relationship-or married, you know that everything just flows better when your partner supports you.


Do you feel that you are the best version of yourself?  What about your relationship?  Could it be better?  Once you make the decision to dive in, he’s sure to get on board if you’re sincere and grounded.  When you’re clear, confident and driven to make things good, it’s sexy. Yup.  That’s exactly what I said.  Sexy!  I haven’t ever had my husband resist when I tell him I want something, because I believe it’s going to result in a better connection between us.

tell him what you want
tell him what you want

Whether it’s a Tantra workshop to deepen intimate connection, or getting in the kitchen, lead him in, with a little appeal.  Be flirty and fun.  Let him know why-it’s only to make the relationship more rich and juicy 😉


Stay posted to take a deeper look.  I’ll share how I have made my requests-specifically food related requests, more appealing to my lover.  Of course, you can do it too, and really get sensuality sizzlin’ in your kitchen!

a sneak peak of the Sensual Foodist's kitchen
a sneak peak of the Sensual Foodist’s kitchen

Have you ever been in a relationship where you got your partner on the boat?  Did you get them to make a conscious shift in their eating habits or overall lifestyle?  Let me know about it, in the comments section below this article.  I’d love to hear stories about how ladies got their man on board.  If you have any questions about the Tantra workshop, or would like to know more-leave a comment below.