3 ways

This isn’t a usual post. No rants about food, no juicy relationship practices. This is simply a


AND a very important one at that. Wednesday, March 18th is upon us. What does this mean? Irresistible Sensuality is what it means! The lovely Bethanne Wanamaker, (AKA the Edible Goddess) is going to enlighten us with her incredible knowledge of living life to the fullest. Read the following announcement she made on facebook, just today:

“Friends! I’m being interviewed tomorrow on a webinar by my dear friend Lana Baumgartner (aka Sensual Foodist) called “3 Ways to Unleash Your Irresistible Sensuality” ~ Ooooh la la!

I’ll share my wisdom on optimal living at its finest, my perspective on “having it all” + unleashing your wild beautiful natural side. This is for men & women, couples, singles and anyone who desires living life to the fullest, and feeling amazing all the time!

What do you think about “having it all?” If you didn’t think it was possible, this isn’t an event to miss. It’s only 30 minutes and it’s completely free. To hear Bethanne speak about health is a gift, and I invite you to receive it with open arms, as I did when I met her, and benefitted greatly.

Since I met Bethanne, my health has improved. I’ve learned about the herbs, remedies and foods that enable me to feel fully alive in my body.  I understand the importance of hydrating my body with clean, pure water to move these herbs, remedies and foods through my every cell…and I can truly FEEL IT! The knowledge she’s shared with me has given me the power to claim the future of my health. It’s a bold statement, and I mean it with all of my heart. This powerful woman is going to drop some serious knowledge during this webinar. There’s no reason not to listen-and greatly increase the quality of your life by putting her words into action. Here’s your chance 😉  Join us?


3 ways