When is the last time you walked outside without shoes on? If there’s been snow on the ground for months where you live, I understand. Though I know that it’s still possible to walk outside without shoes on in the snow, it’s just much less pleasant (I did grow up in Wisconsin after all). I’m still going to argue that it’s possible. Allowing the soles of your feet make contact with the earth is just one of the many many ways to reconnect.

My husband Joe and I launched PsychedelicTimes.com over six months ago now. It’s drawn some of the focus and attention away from my passion for writing about Sensual Food, yet I will never compromise my health, and thus the Sensual Foodist lives on. This is a way of life — that includes self discovery with all of the natural medicines provided by the planet.

I came out of the psychedelic closet already, and it’s no secret that I am becoming a bit of a psychonaut. The insights that have come through recent journeys have been deeply woven into mission of the Sensual Foodist.

During the most recent ceremony I sat in — with the grandmother medicine Ayahuasca, the message came in loud and clear. I’m disconnected. It’s the root dis-ease.

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Yes, it may sound a little woo-woo. I’m not trying to convince anyone that I’m not a little woo-woo. But hear me out? There’s truly a modern epidemic. Most of us aren’t spending enough time in nature. Many people haven’t even felt grass or soil…or anything natural under their feet in weeks, months or even

a pleasant surprise that Joe handed me
a pleasant surprise that Joe handed me

years! Studies show that this can result in a whole host of problems including a decrease in health. This of course means, that the converse is true; that more time in nature can increase health. There’s a chain here. If we’re feeling better, more vital, more lively, just really frikken good overall, literally everything improves. Relationships being one major aspect. Let’s not forget the improved cognitive functioning and intelligence boost. Yep. There’s research. But screw the research, just go outside and figure it out on your own.

The earth is where we came from, it’s where we live. It’s called mother earth for good reason. How many happy people do you meet that hate their mothers? I’m not kidding.

When I found myself outside during this recent Ayahuasca ceremony, I knelt down and rested my forehead against the earth. I was completely nauseous, and my natural reaction at that moment was go into child’s pose. The moment I made contact with the ground beneath me, the flood of visuals was so profoundly overwhelming. There were layers upon layers of colorful dimensions, fractals and geometrical shapes. It was beautiful, and with it came the message of reconnecting with mother earth. My intention from that moment forward was to spend time outside each day, and walking from my front door to my car doesn’t count! I’ve been spending time in meditation outside instead of inside, and being barefoot as much as possible. It’s working. I feel even better.

yosimite love
you don’t even need to bring sunglasses

Go outside.
Bring your lover.

How simple is that?