Last week, my husband Joe and I attended UPW, a four day seminar with Tony Robbins.  We prepared and packed everything we needed for food, but some things worked, and some didn’t.  This is a follow up to last week’s article.   If you are traveling and have a cooler or fridge in a hotel room, this is certainly a meal plan I highly recommend.  I was satiated and my taste buds did not crave anything more with these tasty meals.


our family ready to charge the door and claim our front row seats
our family ready to charge the door and claim our front row seats

The first time I attended this event in 2011, I felt like someone had beaten the crap out of me by the first day. By the fourth day, I was feeling like roadkill.  It’s a few days after the event now, and I feel like a million bucks.  I was a bit tired after day 2 and 3, as I was running on less than 5 hours of sleep each night.  However, my physical body wasn’t the least bit drained.  What was different? This time, I had the fuel I needed to play full out.  Jumping and screaming to my heart’s content.


For breakfast:

2 heaping tablespoons of Vitamineral Green mixed in 32 ounces of water (1 large mason jar)


Our beloved daily breakfast.
Our beloved daily breakfast.



Within an hour or so, I was hungry and had something small and light.

Celery sticks or apple slices dipped in raw almond butter.  I also had hemp seed butter.

A handful (about 8) of raw almonds or a few brazil nuts and a few dried mulberries, blueberries, or goji berries.  I had a trail mix of these nuts and berries.

Rice crackers and avocado (Just have a metal butter knife on hand to slice the avo in half and scoop with the crackers).

Cheesy Kale Chips (kale chips with nutritional yeast, which is high in B-12) somehow I always manage to polish off one whole bag.

10-12 raw sugar snap peas

Raw peeled carrots

Sliced, raw cucumber with himalayan salt.

Superfood seedbar  I may be addicted to these.

(note: I’ve found that most meal bars are packed with sugar and this bar only contains raw honey, which is not the first ingredient).  If you’re going to eat meal bars, the less sugar, the better.


Perfect for travel.
Perfect for travel.


Arugula and fresh greens kept well in the fridge and my insulated lunch bag.  Salads with greens that are more dense are better for travel.

For salad toppings, we brought a bag of hemp seeds, hemp oil (use olive if you don’t have a fridge), and organic lemons.  To juice the lemons we brought a citrus juicer and a knife to cut them.  Joe used the organic, local, jack cheese and organic hard boiled eggs (which came from a friend’s farm of happy chickens who live normal happy lives and eat non-GMO food). From the farmer’s market, we bought wild caught, smoked Alaskan salmon.  Joe also put this on his salad once or twice during the event.  I recommend sticking to vegan food, if you won’t have a fridge.

We baked tempeh in the oven without any oils or seasonings and also used this as a protein rich topping for the salads.  I also enjoyed eating it on it’s own!


Our family's 4 day spread
Our family’s 4 day spread

Aaand that’s all!  With all of the excitement of an event or traveling, light meals are enough to keep you going without weighing you down.  We had enough nuts to serve as something dense and filing, and enough produce to keep the water content of each meal.  We didn’t feel hungry and were totally energized!
Which foods do you pack when you travel?  What have you found to be the perfect lunch on the road or away from home? Do you have any suggestions to add to my list? Please do in the comments section below!  We love to hear from you and learn what you do to keep yourself energized and fueled all day!