What makes you feel lucky?  How about having “good karma”?  It doesn’t matter how it’s put, I felt it on my birthday this week! It was my third birthday at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Our friends from Argentina accompanied us for this trip, and I love what Mercedes said as she walked into the garden,

Is this a dream?”

soaking it all in at Esalen


If only I could have captured the look on her face.  It was her and her husband Hernan’s first time to Big Sur, and their first time to Esalen.  We love introducing this magical place to people, because it’s the closest to utopia that we’ve seen.  We’ve been many times, for week-long retreats assisting our Tantra teachers.  However, this is quite different.

I wouldn’t say I’m superstitious, but I do believe in auspicious moments. New Year’s Eve and my birthday are two days of the year that I like to make special.  When things just flow, without effort, I really do have to give some consideration to the concept of good karma. This was one of those occasions-when everything just fell into place perfectly.

We drove down as the sun rose, and made it to the dining hall just in time for breakfast. We were the last people to eat and had almost the entire space to ourselves, to settle and decompress after the three hour drive. We headed down to the hot springs, soaked for just enough time, and Joe surprised me with a massage-with my beloved Esalen masseuse (she’s really a pro).  I was bathed in sunshine during my massage, on a deck with the live music of ocean waves crashing against the shore just over a hundred feet below. We had lunch after the massage, and had some time to explore the farm and garden after.

It’s a blessing to take food from the ground, and put it on a plate to enjoy, only hours later.  It’s still vibrant, and full of life, flavor, crisp and fresh! I absolutely love eating at Esalen because I know I’m eating REAL food!

This is simply a reminder to indulge in something real today. Put something in your mouth that is full of flavor and color, just as it was when it’s roots were deep in rich soil. As it passes your lips, mentally thank the hands that grew it, even if they were your own.

I do realize that for anyone in a cold climate this winter, local garden fresh produce may not be an option. There are still options for you!

Let us know what you’re going to enjoy eating today! How close to the source can you get? Share in the comments section below 😉