Then you can do it all over!

It may be a bit of a pun, but it’s not a joke at all. Today, I was on a conference call with a group of incredible authors (or authors to be). We’re collaborating on a book, with the focus as relationships. I can’t share much more, but I will say that I’ll be a published author next year, 2016!

This article isn’t about the book, it’s about the process, and what’s unfolding as I write the book. On the call today, one of the co-authors mentioned how I am conveying how the microcosm in the kitchen is the macrocosm of the whole relationship. In other words, what happens in the kitchen is a smaller picture of what happens in the relationship as a whole or on a daily basis.

Let’s dive into some real examples. Team work! Yes, being in the kitchen together really does require a team effort. Who’s going to dice the tomatoes, and will the other mince the garlic? How is the decision made of who does what and when? Is there a flow, and simple wordlessness to time spent in the kitchen together? This reminds me of how Joe and I worked as a team last week.

Early in the am, (much earlier than I am usually venturing out into Bay area traffic), Joe and I picked up one of my clients in San Francisco to take them to the airport. Joe accompanied me, so that he could go up to the hotel room and help with luggage while I stayed in the car in a funky spot (because parking is a bitch in the city). This way, we could hop back into the car fast and find ourselves en route. When we arrived to the airport, Joe stayed in the car to do a loop around (because you can only wait for so long in the departures area), while I escorted my client through the check-in process. We had a few errands to run together afterward, so we made the trip together worthwhile a few different ways. What was demonstrated that morning, was just how much easier life is with a little, easy flowing teamwork. Joe and I doing this together made the process much more fluid and comfortable than it would have been on my own.

sensual Kitchen LA

Let’s bring this concept to the kitchen. Not only does everything get done faster, it’s more rewarding. When the meal that is co-created tastes deliciously divine, and we feel nourished by our creation, it’s all that much more satisfying. Really! Give it a try.

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